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S L O Feng Shui

My home
reflects my soul

My house, my mirror.

Feng Shui can be described as an analysis of Qi or the vital energy of a place that helps people create a harmonious and balanced environment.

Feng Shui is the art of living in harmony with nature and its elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Our homes and workspaces tell a story; they reflect our emotions and blocks. Feng Shui helps better understand yourself and your environment and gives you comprehensive tools to live in a healthy and harmonious way.

Even before being inhabited, a house is furnished; it is furnished by our fantasies. We are closest to our identity when decorating our house.

Alberto Eiguer – psychiatrist, psychoanalyst

at home

Full awareness
of habitat

SLO Feng Shui offers an innovative service, which demystifies the ancient Chinese philosophy by adapting it to the modern world. SLO Feng Shui was born from the desire to create harmonious living spaces customised to your needs. Our method subtly integrates itself to your environment and always respects your tastes and preferences.

SLO Feng Shui method is based on the traditional Chinese schools’ study (Form, Compass, Eight Mansions, Flying Stars, Health) in a modern, spiritual, and transformational approach.

Feng Shui helps you to have a new vision of your workspace. Beyond the well-being it brings, it combines functionality, productivity, and peaceful relationships to achieve professional success for everyone.

Feng Shui analysis is aimed at businesses to improve team’s well-being and productivity. When each employee optimizes their personal energy and well-being, they also contribute to the company’s collective development and harmony.

at work

Optimize your


Finding the
perfect office space

or commercial space

Starting at 250€

Yin and Yang vibrations around your site – houses, buildings, mountains, nature, traffic – can support and influence your professional activity and success. Through an energetic study of the external environment, we will help you select the right office or commercial space and set up your company for success.

Align your activity with the right energy to succeed. 





An initial holistic approach using the basics of Feng Shui to boost the energy of your home, discover your personal best orientations to sleep and work or reinvent your workplace to improve your team’s well-being and productivity.

· site visit, physical or virtual.

· holistic guide (digital version) giving you the basics of Feng Shui and many practical advice regarding the areas of your home or office to improve.

An initial Feng Shui approach to boost your best energies. 


Pricing upon request

This exhaustive service, convenient for both home and workspace, will help you create a healthy, peaceful, and harmonious interior. It includes:

. a comprehensive psycho-emotional reading of the space according to your Bagua Map. The Bagua Map or Lo Shu correlates areas in your home with areas in your life. So if one or more areas of your life are suffering (love, finances, health, work, kids, projects), I will specifically target them.

. orientations recommendations to better sleep and work.

. color palette and material suggestions for walls and furniture.

. office optimisation to maximize well-being and productivity at work.

Each Feng Shui study involves 2 meetings and results in a personalised report (digital and paper versions) highlighting the + and – of your place and many practical Feng Shui recommendations.

1st meeting : site visit and definition of your goals.

complete analysis of your place in both a modern and spiritual approach.

2nd meeting : delivery of the report, debriefing and support in implementing the solutions.

A complete home or office energy makeover to turn your place more vibrant, harmonious, and joyful.

Anne-Sophie Tellier
Feng Shui, interior design and well-being

After 10 years working in watch and jewellery-making in Paris and Mexico, Anne-Sophie moved to Lisbon in 2014 where she embarked on a new professional adventure. With a degree in Interior Design from the Lisbon School of Design, she wanted to make her projects more meaningful and decided to enhance her expertise by studying Feng Shui at the French School of Feng Shui, in Paris. In late 2020, she created SLO, defending a modern and spiritual approach to Feng Shui.

Taking care of your interior is taking care of yourself.