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Feng Shui is often synonymous with Zen in the West; however, this is not its only purpose. Its main goal is to diffuse new energies at home and open your consciousness to specific issues, through psycho-emotional decoding of your living place.

Based on the main principles of Feng Shui, the SLO method helps you to step back from what is preventing you from moving forward and provides conducive solutions to create a healthy environment to your personal development.

Even before being inhabited, a house is furnished; it is furnished by our fantasies. We are closest to our identity when decorating our house.

Alberto Eiguer – psychiatrist, psychoanalyst


The SLO method is based on analysing different traditional Chinese schools, in a current and spiritual approach.

Because beyond the main principles of Feng Shui, there is a reality: yours !

When the daily routine goes 100 miles per hour and prevents you from truly relaxing.

When the communication between family and friends who you love, is sometimes difficult.

When your own home feels like it is someone else’s.


SLO was created for all these reasons.

To soothe your mind and to help you restore harmony in your life.

Why choose SLO?


Because SLO is the perfect balance between the pragmatism of everyday life, and a holistic approach that feels good !

SLO will never force you to change your decor if you don’t want to, or to get rid of an object you still cherish.

However, because beauty, art and craftsmanship are at the heart of our approach, we focus on sharing our advice and inspirations to make your home the best refuge for your passions and emotions.


Tailored and personalised support that goes at your own pace and adapts to your daily life; this is what SLO guarantees.


45-60 minutes video conference

You may not know that Feng Shui can help you to fix many minor issues!

Whether you are experiencing lower self-confidence, difficulties falling asleep, or even relationship issues…when your energy is disrupted, it can affect your everyday life !

At SLO, we know that the topic can be confusing and that it can appear complex to put into practice. Therefore, we have created the Start package, which is a simple introduction to the major principles of Feng Shui, to allow you to make suitable adjustments and quickly see small changes !

How does it work?


In a private session lasting between 45 and 60 minutes, SLO tours your home and gives you all keys to help you boost the energy of your place !

As a bonus, you leave with The SLO Guide, to adopt the basics of our method in your daily life.

Who is SLO START for?


For you, who need a change, a breath of fresh air, a « je-ne-sais-quoi ».

For a family member or friend, who you want to give a gift and send lots of good vibes !

Pssst, we have a secret for you ! If this introduction has convinced you, and you would like our expert to take charge and work together, the Start package can be deducted from the SLO Harmony Package !

starting at 180€

You love your home, but after 6 months, or a few years, you feel it needs something new. Because you have changed, your family has grown-up, or you want to take back ownership of the space, SLO will help you to rethink and restore harmony in your home.

A complementary and customised offer to acutely treat your nest and provide well-being to all occupants.

How does it work?


Through a comprehensive analysis of the environment and personalities of the people living there, SLO will enable you to work on a range of elements, from providing personal guidance to each occupant, to the colours, shapes, and materials in each compartment.

After the analysis, you will receive your personal SLO Guide containing drawings, moodboard and ideas that will guide you on how to transform your everyday life !

Who is SLO HARMONY for?


For you, but also for your partner, children, housemates… Basically, anyone who cohabits in this space, and who needs to live there in complete calmness !

starting at 360€

So, you’re moving to a new home ! You have finally found a real gem, and one thing is sure, you want to blossom there ! When doing construction or renovation work, whether buying or renting a home, SLO will support you throughout every step of your project to create a vibrant and harmonious environment that suits your personality and makes you feel good !

SLO change is the complete package for a fresh start !

How does it work?


How lucky ! You can adapt your new home to your energy, desires, and plans, just as to everybody who shares your home with you.

To achieve this, an in-depth and personal analysis examines each person about the cause of specific blocks (family, health, femininity, money, social position, etc.).

Then, it is the role of diagnostics to define the best organisation in your home. Interior design, space distribution depending on everyone’s requirements, the harmony of colours, shapes, and material…Nothing will be left to chance so that you feel comfortable in your home for years to come.

Who is SLO CHANGE for?


For your new life!

pricing upon request

Because making employees share the same workspace is a real challenge, SLO also works with companies to help them create healthy and harmonious environments just as benefit from energy of the teams, and their projects !

How does it work?


Who is SLO BUSINESS for?


Hotels, companies, shops, therapeutic offices, start-ups, and collective spaces. When each employee optimises their personal energy and well-being, they also contribute to the collective development and harmony of the company.


After 10 years working in watch and jewellery-making in Paris and Mexico, I moved to Lisbon, where I embarked on a new professional adventure. With a degree in Interior Design, I wanted to make my projects more meaningful and decided to complement my training by studying Feng Shui in Paris. Convinced that our living spaces reflect who we are, I set up SLO and decided to offer holistic support to help each person to create a healthy, positive, and harmonious interior.


Here you can find testimonies from the SLO community and be inspired by their stories !


Nous avons acheté une maison que nous aimions beaucoup. Après s’être installés dans celle-ci, nous avons ressenti un manque d’énergie, une fatigue et des tensions inhabituelles. Nous avons alors fait appel au service de SLO. J’avais vécu en Asie et avais quelques notions de Feng Shui. Anne-Sophie nous a fourni une analyse très approfondie de notre habitat avec planches d’inspirations et adresses déco pour sourcer nos produits. Nous avons mis en place tous les remèdes Feng Shui et le calme et la sérénité sont revenus dans notre foyer. Nous recommandons SLO Feng Shui les yeux fermés !

Candice et Louis, Paris


Merci à SLO Feng Shui pour sa précieuse analyse, sa disponibilité, sa belle énergie et ses excellents conseils déco. Je m’installe aujourd’hui professionnellement dans un endroit qui me plait, me ressemble et que j’ai réussi à transformer avec peu grâce à SLO !

Justine, Lisbonne


On a adoré travaillé avec SLO. Les inputs sont pertinents et facilitent l’approche esthétique des espaces. La compréhension du Feng Shui et de son impact sur les énergies est améliorée tout au long du processus.

Céline et Charlie, Lisbonne


La formule Slo Start permet de se familiariser de manière agréable avec les bases du Feng Shui tout en pouvant appliquer directement ces notions à son intérieur. Super expérience teintée des explications très claires et passionnantes d’Anne-Sophie qui maitrise absolument son domaine tout en partageant son expertise avec douceur et intelligence. Un vrai bonheur que je recommande à toutes et tous, encore un immense merci Anne-Sophie !

Amandine, Bretagne

“Anne-Sophie a été d’une grande aide en amont de la rénovation de mon appartement”

Anne-Sophie a été d’une grande aide en amont de la rénovation de mon appartement. Son analyse donne des pistes précises pour la décoration de chacune des pièces. Ses recommandations me parlent et j’ai hâte que les travaux finissent pour bénéficier du résultat. L’analyse Feng Shui qu’elle a faite, est vraiment adaptée à ma famille dans cet appartement, loin de conseils génériques. Je la recommande vivement !

Élise, Cascais

“Ses conseils et recommandations ont été très précieux”

Anne-Sophie nous a accompagnés en amont de l’achat et la rénovation de notre appartement. Ses conseils et recommandations ont été très précieux. Ils nous ont permis de décorer et meubler “consciemment” notre intérieur, en l’adaptant à notre famille. Je consulte très régulièrement l’analyse qu’elle nous a remise pour me guider et faire mes choix de décoration. Merci encore !

Marie, Lisbonne